Be Better

So many people in this world are abused in several ways, every single day. They say an abused person will be abusive, this is not always the way it ends.

We have to own our actions. We have to be better and we have to end the cycle. If we don’t end the cycle who will? It’s tough, I know very well. Triggers are there every day. I have them and I am aware that I sometimes can not control my response. I CAN protect my children from having the same childhood that I did.

It is never easy to heal and it won’t happen quickly. Every single day I have to remind myself to be better, to do better. To make my life my creation, not someone else’s idea of what it should it be. I don’t expect anyone to live my life just because they may have been a similar situation of abuse. We are all unique in our healing and our hearts. We have to walk our own path and find ourselves!

I am feeling the world cave in as we navigate what is 2020. This year has been so overwhelming with all that is happening. I feel the pressures of change. I don’t like change very much. It makes me antsy and I want things to remain as I like them. I am comfortable with how things were, now the world is a strange new place. And I have found so many opportunities to grow and learn.

I feel that there will be many people healing from their pasts and the trauma that has been what they held onto. I truly hope that someone can benefit from my journey, that sharing my pain, healing, triumphs, and chaos is a benefit.

I am healing and I hope you are too!! Just remember, what ever it was, it happened to you, and you survived !! I want us all to live our best life. To create a happy fulfilling life as we move forward. Teach others to embrace the joy life offers, and cherish every moment that lets you decide to be better!!

Love and Light


Published by teriloularive

I am a survivor. I have overcome sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I love to enjoy life Out loud !! I am healing my life everyday. I am a mom to 3 very different and amazing children. I have been working from home for 7 years now. I enjoy crafting and being in my garden but my passion is being on the water or near water. I truly am passionate about kayaking.

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