Awareness Month

October , October is awareness month ! Awareness of pretty much everything. But the importance of October in our home is EDUCATING!

You see our daughter is a dwarf. She is amazing, smart, kind, sassy, and funny ! She is and always will be short stature. Now with that said. I had not met a person with dwarfism until I became a mom to one. So I had to learn a whole lot of new things along our journey, with an open heart and open mind. Every person is different and everyone has their own unique path to endure. No two children have the exact same needs or trials.

Life is to be enjoyed !

October is also breast Cancer awareness month. And this has also been very present in our lives this past year, as my mother in law has fought this battle and me being her support person. Breast cancer is something that I truly, honestly deep in my soul, hope no one has to go through.

I have learned so much this past year and I am beyond grateful that my mother in law has fought this hard and with grace like I have never seen! But there are things you don’t see on movies, or education pamphlets, this cancer takes so much of a woman. It’s painful to see on the best days. And it will destroy you on the worst days !!

Sometimes you need a rest!

If anyone ever asks you to be a support person for them, say YES!!! And know that it will be tough and you will be tired and it will change you forever , but remember we all need that one person, and one day you will need someone to step up for you !!!

October wants us to advocate, educate, and learn! But all in all I think we should advocate and we should be open to learning every single day. Some days will be amazing and some days will rock you. And now with all the new rules and policies with COVID-19 , some days will break you.

Waiting to see her

I am tired and I am stressed. But Oh I am grateful !! I am blessed!! I am healing!! And I am stronger for every moment that I have chose to fight, for me, for my family, for my children, and for my friends. We find our strength in the battles of life. We find our purpose when we survive the storms.

The journey we endure makes us the amazing, unique people that we are! No is perfect , but you can be perfectly YOU!! Embrace your battles! Learn the lessons!! Love who you are in all phases of your life ! And most of all friends, take time to take care of yourself!! Life is for living!!

Love and Light

Teri 💕

Published by teriloularive

I am a survivor. I have overcome sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I love to enjoy life Out loud !! I am healing my life everyday. I am a mom to 3 very different and amazing children. I have been working from home for 7 years now. I enjoy crafting and being in my garden but my passion is being on the water or near water. I truly am passionate about kayaking.

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