Busy time of year

It’s the Holiday Season!! Super busy time for everyone! It has also been a difficult time for me. Everything is different this year without my mom. I hate to admit this but my mom’s need to control things was actually helpful this time of year!

You see, growing up away from family, it was just my mom, my brother, my sister, and me. We didn’t get to travel back home to family very often. So my mother always tried to make the best of the Holidays. We had each other. That is what has stayed with me. The fact that I had my siblings. Now , not so much. And it hurts my heart.

I am hopeful that eventually we will have a new normal and a few new traditions around here. Currently the younger kids and I are working on decorating the house, we decided that an Advent Wreath would be a pretty cool addition to our traditions. Which we will be making today !!

The whole pandemic thing has really changed how things go, I know all of you are feeling those changes as well. Usually I am at craft fairs and Christmas events almost every weekend, this year I am home with the kids on the weekends and not feeling super crafty. So it’s time to find some joy and balance. I will be selling my healing jewelry and other pieces online this next year!

Calming Diffuser Bracelet

I am really excited to start this adventure!! I am almost certain I will have some funny stories to share as I navigate through all this !! I just want you all to see, everyone struggles at some point. We have our own stories and we have to find the path that works for us !! We need to really embrace who we are and what our purpose is, not the things that happened to us along the way.

I have really had a hard time this year with the knowledge that the people I believed I could count on…. they didn’t show up for me when I needed them. The people that did, that was huge!! The love and support I needed came to me from the places I least expected it!! I learned a very valuable lesson! I am truly, truly blessed to call these people my tribe!, to know that I am supported and loved even tho I am still healing, I am worthy of this!! You are worthy of love too!!

So, as you are busy, busy, busy doing all the holidays stuff, in new ways of course, remember to stop and be grateful for the ones that show up!! Find a moment to rest and really take it all in, let the joy surround you. And know you are loved.

Happy Holidays

Love and Light

Teri 💕

Published by teriloularive

I am a survivor. I have overcome sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I love to enjoy life Out loud !! I am healing my life everyday. I am a mom to 3 very different and amazing children. I have been working from home for 7 years now. I enjoy crafting and being in my garden but my passion is being on the water or near water. I truly am passionate about kayaking.

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