Did I know?

Going through so many changes at this time. Did I know my whole life would change ? Nope!

We are, as of right now, a displaced family of 4. We are blessed to have a friend that is willing to take us In until we find a home. It really was not easy for me ( the helper) to ask for help. I have always been blessed with the ability to fix things, no matter how bad a situation looked.

I know in my heart that this is just another trial to push us forward on our path. That doesn’t mean that some of lessons have not been hard to digest. Processing everything that has happened since I was in the hospital in March has been gut wrenching ! I have cried, yelled, hurt, and had absolute melt downs. I have also grown as a person as well as a wife. My marriage is becoming much stronger and more equal partnership. Understanding each other, listening and talking through some of the super tough stuff has only brought us closer together.

I have baggage from the past abuse in my life, the crazy childhood of having a mother with a TBI, and crappy choices made before I broke that abuse cycle. This has left serious triggers, and learning those triggers has brought about the knowledge of what still needs healed. And these past few events were big triggers.

I do not want my kids to know what it’s like to be homeless. But that is where we are. Almost anyways, thankfully we will be staying with friends until we find a home to buy. So currently the market here is crazy!! Home prices have tripled and so many people moving to our state. Even if I had found a home it takes 35-45 days to close and we were only given 34 days to find a home and move. This has been the absolute most stressful situation I have ever been in!! And this news came 4 days before my surgery! The timing could not be worse! I believe everything happens as it is meant to.

I am tired, stressed, in pain, and I am not able to lift things!!! My amazing sister has been helping me pack and sort and throw out stuff. My daughter and son in law have come out to help sort through stuff and haul stuff to the dump. This is what it means to be family, to step up when it counts the most, even if your heart is hurting.

I will be busy moving! I will post more about our move as we go!! But remember your healing may take you on a path you did not expect!!

Love and Light


Published by teriloularive

I am a survivor. I have overcome sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I love to enjoy life Out loud !! I am healing my life everyday. I am a mom to 3 very different and amazing children. I have been working from home for 7 years now. I enjoy crafting and being in my garden but my passion is being on the water or near water. I truly am passionate about kayaking.

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