Seeking Happiness

Seeking happiness is what we are taught to do from a very young age. “Just find a way to be happy” these words do not heal you. They cover up the damage, I heard these words a lot growing up.

Happiness comes from inside of you!! It comes naturally when you seek healing!! All too often we just move from one thing to another looking for happiness or seeking out the good in situations. But, the damage, the hurt, the insecurities created by trauma, they are still there. Until you heal.

When we take a step back and look inside ourselves, we have to accept the fact that someone or something, has caused damage to our soul being. We need to heal from that to let the happiness flow from us, not to us. When you smile at someone your happiness flows from you and can change their whole day. Why?, because your inner happy is flowing outward, and it shows them that they too can share happiness, because you shared yours.

Only you know the level of abuse you have endured. Weather it was neglect, verbal, emotional, or physical, only you know how it affected you and what lesson you took from that experience. For me, sex was punishment, how do you overcome such a thing and have healthy relationships?? it takes a whole of time, healing, research, and reprogramming!! And I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about it.

I was abused, sexually, physically, emotionally, and neglected! I did not want to have children!! I was very certain that if I did , I would repeat this cycle. When I had my first child my whole world changed, I knew I had to heal my inner self !! I had to be better for her. So I dived right into researching how to heal my life. I now have a 30 year old daughter, who is a better human because she had to watch her mother embrace the bad shit to become a better mom! And we grew together!! Honestly I think WE learned so much because she asked the hard questions and I had to find the answers.

Was her childhood perfect, NOPE! And Nope!! We struggled often, I made mistakes, I trusted people I should not have. I learned from those things, and she did as well. She also taught me so much! She taught me that even tho people tried to break me, I am still whole , I still have happiness inside me to share!! I only had to look a little deeper inside myself and let the happiness out!

I seek joy, I seek adventure, I seek connection

Happiness, no I have that inside of me! I don’t need to seek it out from other people or things.

What do you seek for yourself? What do you need to heal?? Look deep inside yourself and let your happiness flow ❤️

Love and Light


Published by teriloularive

I am a survivor. I have overcome sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I love to enjoy life Out loud !! I am healing my life everyday. I am a mom to 3 very different and amazing children. I have been working from home for 7 years now. I enjoy crafting and being in my garden but my passion is being on the water or near water. I truly am passionate about kayaking.

One thought on “Seeking Happiness

  1. I love you so much that I cannot put it into words. Continue to grow, learn and love and never forget I’m standing right beside you to hold your hand and encourage you to be your best self!!

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