Seeking Happiness

Seeking happiness is what we are taught to do from a very young age. “Just find a way to be happy” these words do not heal you. They cover up the damage, I heard these words a lot growing up. Happiness comes from inside of you!! It comes naturally when you seek healing!! All tooContinue reading “Seeking Happiness”

Moving into the New Year with Grace and Ease

2022 will be a great year!! We have let go of the things that weigh us down, to move on with Grace and ease. All the grudges we hold on so tightly to, those only hold us back from our true purpose. The things that hurt us deeply are the lessons we need to learn.Continue reading “Moving into the New Year with Grace and Ease”

Make it count

It truly is temporary, so make it count my friends!! We all go through so tough times, nobody gets this life without them!! It is just the universes way of giving us the means to learn and grow! It is in the lessons we learn that we grow as a person. I could sit hereContinue reading “Make it count”

40 Days

The day has arrived, what day? CLOSING DAY!!! 40 days ! That is how long we have been without a home of our own! I haven’t shared much over the last 40 days, because, well it’s a lot!! Thankfully we were blessed with friends that took us in while we searched for a home andContinue reading “40 Days”


We are still in transition as my dear friends call it!! I am sure that might be the right word. Some days I just feel lost. Not knowing what’s next is difficult for me. I am getting really frustrated with getting the kids into school. We enrolled them where we are staying, then the schoolContinue reading “Relocation”

Bring your power back!

Ripped Jeans and caffeine, it’s a lifestyle. My lifestyle. I have always worked hard, got dirty, ripped my jeans or wore them out, doing the work. I was a single mom for 15 years! I did what any woman should do, I got shit done. Two years ago I had surgery to fix my shoulderContinue reading “Bring your power back!”

Did I know?

Going through so many changes at this time. Did I know my whole life would change ? Nope! We are, as of right now, a displaced family of 4. We are blessed to have a friend that is willing to take us In until we find a home. It really was not easy for meContinue reading “Did I know?”

Living YOUR Truth

I am not what others wanted me to be!!! While growing up. I was constantly told I should be a lawyer. Yes I love a good debate, and yes I had the intelligence to be a great lawyer. I am not a lawyer!!! I am a human being! Being what I choose to be!! IContinue reading “Living YOUR Truth”

Forward momentum

Happy Friday!!!! These past few months sure have been a rollercoaster ride!! How about for all of you?! It seems everyone is going through some major trials, or big obstacles to get through. What is the universe trying to teach us at this time ?? I got the results back from all my tests thisContinue reading “Forward momentum”

How we respond?

A lot of things happen in our lives, that we have no control over. We find that we need to find solutions or a new direction! It is absolutely how we respond to the shit shows that come our way, this is what creates the life we want to live. How we respond ! It’sContinue reading “How we respond?”