This Winter

This weather sure has been very erratic to say the least. We have not this many warm days in a very long time , yet the folks down south are freezing and without power. We have been fortunate enough to be able to stay busy and warm. But this is normal for us, we haveContinue reading “This Winter”

What to say

I have really been struggling with what to write. I have all these things that I want to share, but where do I start?? my mind goes a million miles an minute and then it just goes blank. So I have decided to just write whatever comes to mind …. Today I want to tellContinue reading “What to say”


Sometimes the holidays can be especially hard for people that have been abused in anyway!! No one really stops to think about the impact this could have. A person that was mentally or sexually abused could have some very real anger or unsealed feelings toward family members that did not step in. The ones thatContinue reading “Holidays”

Busy time of year

It’s the Holiday Season!! Super busy time for everyone! It has also been a difficult time for me. Everything is different this year without my mom. I hate to admit this but my mom’s need to control things was actually helpful this time of year! You see, growing up away from family, it was justContinue reading “Busy time of year”

This Day

Wow!! 8 years already!! Eight years ago, my youngest child was brought into this world! The words dwarfism, achondroplasia, DNR , small ribs, and so on floated around us. We knew if she took a breath, we would fight with all we had to keep her doing just that!! This girl came into this worldContinue reading “This Day”

A Little Travel

We took a short trip! As a family, two children under 10, in the car, across the state! 1 bathroom stop!! I call that a win! We enjoyed our time visiting friends and family, my brother made us supper the first night! The kids got to see his home, and tell him stories! They reallyContinue reading “A Little Travel”

This is 48!

48! Yes today I turn 48! I am proud of the woman I am today, and I miss the young girl I used to be. I have been through a lot in this life, sexual abuse, physical abuse, addiction, and numerous health issues. My oldest daughter said this was an epic display of women empowerment.Continue reading “This is 48!”


We all that one friend , the one that is paying attention. The one that knows what you are not saying, what you need, when you need it most. Well for me I have that and more. I am truly truly honestly blessed with the most amazing people in my life. My Soul Sisters !!!!!!!Continue reading “THAT ONE FRIEND”


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